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  1. 1. Disputes in a time of COVID-19  The unprecedented disruption caused by COVID-19 poses significant challenges for business: not least, counterparties need to be able to negotiate (or renegotiate) effectively and expediently and resolve disputes without recourse to the Courts.  Article, 1 Apr 2020
  2. 2. Tools to help you manage environmental compliance in Queensland during COVID-19   A TEP is a specific program that, if approved and complied with, achieves compliance with the EP Act for the activity to which it relates.  Article, 1 Apr 2020
  3. 3. COVID-19 wage subsidy plan: traps for employers who rush workforce changes  Employers should resist pressure to hastily change existing COVID-19 staffing arrangements until the plan's fine print is confirmed by Parliament.  Article, 31 Mar 2020
  4. 4. Changes to foreign investment review in Australia under temporary COVID-19 measures  Effective from 29 March 2020, all proposed foreign investment in Australia that is subject to the Foreign Acquisitions and Takeovers Act 1975 will require approval, regardless of the value of the investment or the nature of the foreign investor.  Article, 30 Mar 2020
  5. 5. Are you frustrated? What does COVID-19 mean for your lease?  Where business premises are permanently closed and without any options for partial closure or to continue business via alternative means, there may be an argument for frustration.  Article, 27 Mar 2020
  6. 6. Queensland closes borders and requires persons entering Queensland to quarantine for 14 days  It is expected that these measures will increase traffic around the Queensland and New South Wales border.  Article, 27 Mar 2020
  7. 7. Webinar: What a healthonomic crisis might mean for you and your business  COVID-19 is a health crisis with the potential to have an unprecedented impact on the global economy.  Video, 27 Mar 2020
  8. 8. NSW COVID-19 Emergency Measures Act to provide rent and termination relief for tenants in NSW  Overnight the NSW Legislative Council and Legislative Assembly passed the COVID-19 Legislation Amendment (Emergency Measures) Act 2020 to amend a number of NSW Acts to implement emergency measures as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Article, 25 Mar 2020
  9. 9. Radical changes to NSW planning and local government laws to help with COVID-19  The COVID-19 Legislation Amendment (Emergency Measures) Act 2020, passed yesterday and expected to commence operation imminently, makes key changes to planning and local government laws, and is significant not only for what it says, but also for what it doesn’t say.  Article, 25 Mar 2020
  10. 10. Directors to get insolvent trading relief, but debt recovery toughened, under temporary COVID-19 measures   Directors will soon be free to make decisions to trade on even insolvent entities, and incur debts in the ordinary course of business, with the passing of the Coronavirus Economic Response Package Omnibus Act 2020 last night and Royal Assent today.  Article, 24 Mar 2020
  11. 11. COVID-19: Protecting your most vulnerable workers when they need it most  Consult early with all workers and particularly with those who have identified vulnerabilities or you have identified may be most impacted by COVID-19 from a WHS perspective.  Article, 20 Mar 2020
  12. 12. Coronavirus COVID-19 Response Briefing Note: 2  Since the first version of our Briefing Note on 9 March, events have moved swiftly, and the predicted major disruptions to supply chains and people's lives from COVID-19 have come to pass.  Article, 19 Mar 2020
  13. 13. Procuring when an emergency strikes – altered procurement obligations and opportunities at the NSW and Federal levels  Public sector agencies and their procurement teams should consider each procurement on a case-by-case basis, and understand the emergency and urgent response provisions within the NSW and Commonwealth procurement frameworks, and their exemptions.  Article, 19 Mar 2020
  14. 14. Natural disasters and business continuity 

    However sophisticated and complex our societies may be, the bushfires, floods and now the COVID-19 outbreak show how vulnerable we, and our enterprises, can be. We'll be focusing on how you can cope now, and build resilience, for future challenges from the natural world. 17 Mar 2020
  15. 15. COVID 19 Briefing Update  Last Thursday, the World Health Organisation (WHO) officially declared COVID-19 a pandemic. We have been assisting clients with many complex questions and trying to assist them to sort the facts from the hysteria and how to make solid risk based crisis management plans. In order to assist you in dealing with this crises we recorded a webinar with information from our panel of experts, chaired by Emma Covacevich, Partner in our Corporate team, we hope you find this session of use to you in your contingency planning.  Video, 17 Mar 2020
  16. 16. Coronavirus COVID-19 Response Briefing Note  Our COVID-19 Response Briefing Note helps you chart your course through these early days of the outbreak in Australia.  Article, 9 Mar 2020
  17. 17. Bushfires, floods and coronavirus COVID-19: Does your contract's force majeure clause provide any relief?  Global supply chains and other commercial arrangements are under strain from natural disasters such as bushfires, floods and coronavirus COVID-19, so you should be checking if your or others' force majeure clauses will be triggered – and if the ones you're currently negotiating are fit for purpose.  Article, 5 Mar 2020
  18. 18. Webinar: Leasing - Tenant Distress and Insolvency  In this webinar. we will provide you with information and basic strategies on how to manage tenancy default issues and insolvency issues in leasing transactions.  Video, 17 Feb 2021
  19. 19. Webinar: Government - Managing Fraud Risk and Investigations in a COVID Environment  In this session, Chelsea Hosking and Belinda Miller discuss key trends and fraud-related risks, how to manage the increased risk in the workplace, and how to investigate and respond to fraud-related issues in already-disrupted work environments.  Video, 10 Nov 2020
  20. 20. Webinar: At the edge of the cliff – What will happen when JobKeeper ends?  On 21 July 2020, the Federal Government announced the extension of the JobKeeper Payment until 28 March 2021, to continue supporting businesses significantly impacted by COVID-19. However, from 28 September 2020, the payment rates have started being stepped-down and two tiers of payment have come into effect.  Video, 21 Oct 2020
  21. 21. Webinar: National Safe Work Month - WHS through COVID-19  This is a critical time for health and safety. There will be ongoing challenges to face and organisations need to ensure that they are continuing to manage their own risk management obligations, and take into consideration emerging risks associated with COVID-19.  Video, 15 Oct 2020
  22. 22. WA keeps business moving: COVID-19 Response and Economic Recovery Omnibus Bill 2020  These changes allow Government to ensure business continuity under pandemic conditions, and bring a significant number of Acts into the 21st century by allowing government departments and agencies to use digital technology to keep the machinery of government moving.  Article, 17 Sep 2020
  23. 23. Court weighs in on COVID-19 leasing legislation: Landlords may need to prepare for the long haul   A recent decision of the NSW Supreme Court contains the first glimpse of how the Courts may interpret the wording of the Mandatory Code and its interaction with the State and Territory based legislation.  Article, 8 Sep 2020
  24. 24. ACT extends COVID-19 relief for residential tenancies  The purpose of the amendments is to ensure that COVID-19 impacted tenants continue to receive relief beyond the Moratorium Period.  Article, 7 Sep 2020
  25. 25. Victorian COVID-19 Emergency Measures Act amendments for commercial and retail leases and licences  The proposed new provisions would extend temporary COVID-19 measures but are enabling only, so their impact will ultimately depend on any amendments made to the Regulations.  Article, 7 Sep 2020