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Caroline Bush is an experienced litigator in our Canberra office with a focus on the public sector.

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Caroline Bush talks about what makes her area of law so exciting.
Caroline Bush, Partner, Government Services

My name is Caroline Bush. I am a partner in the Litigation section of Clayton Utz here in Canberra.

I work for a wide variety of Australian Government agencies in the litigation and dispute resolution context. What I do for them is act in the defence of merits review and judicial review proceedings. I also act in the context of CDDA claims and commercial disputes, seeking where possible to employ alternative dispute resolution mechanisms as appropriate. I also do a lot of FOI work and work in the privacy area.

What I enjoy most about my work is the opportunity to work on a wide range of legal issues and problems on a daily basis and to work with a large number of Australian government agencies in a broad range of contexts. The work is interesting, the people are excellent and I enjoy helping my clients towards the best resolution that we can reach.