Our Approach

How would you describe the Clayton Utz approach to legal practice?


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Our Approach

Doug Jones, Partner - Construction & International Arbitration

It's a practical way of solving clients' problems, be they transactional or dispute-oriented, to try and use our legal skills to actually solve the problem for the client and achieve the commercial outcome that they are seeking to achieve.

Kathy Santikos, Partner - Banking & Financial Services

Clayton Utz is a very relationship-driven firm with strong emphasis on providing commercial strategic advice to our clients. Each transaction is approached not only to achieve a desired outcome for our client, but more importantly for us, to build a very strong long-term relationship with that client and to better understand their business.

Niro Ananda, Partner - Private Equity

Our approach is one that aims to identify you know what our clients want to achieve, truly understand their business, understand their commercial drivers and that allows us to give a product that is aimed at delivering those outcomes, as opposed to just sort of delivering a piece of advice.