Pharmaceutical Insights

11 August 2010

Welcome to the August edition of Pharmaceutical Insights. In this edition, we look at the public consultation the TGA is undertaking on changing the rules for the advertisement of therapeutic goods - what are the problems with the current system and what's being proposed?

We also look at changes to the regulation of prescription medicines in Australia, and why prudent manufacturers and importers should start thinking now about their potential exposure to liability from the use of nanotechnology.

New arrivals - Some insights into the TGA's risk management approach

By Alexandra Rose and Josephine Hayllar.

With an increased focus on safety, the TGA has introduced two new changes which will affect prescription medicines in Australia, as Alexandra Rose and Josephine Hayllar explain.

Nanotechnology - nano problem or time for Australian business to actively manage potential risks?

By Sara Dennis and Andrew Morrison.

Nanotechnology promises many benefits in fields as diverse as healthcare, cosmetics, and computer science, but its potential risks are still not properly understood. In the first of two articles, Sara Dennis and Andrew Morrison identify possible exposure for prudent manufacturers and importers.
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