Information Law Insights

17 December 2007

Welcome to the December edition of Clayton Utz Information Insights, in which we'll look at the Federal and Victorian Governments' plans for FOI.

The ALRC has released proposed changes to Federal privacy laws - we'll explain them and see what they mean for government agencies.

We'll also look at what you should do when a subpoena lands on your desk, how and when confidential information can be transferred, and the latest FOI decisions.

Finally, we'd like to wish you and your loved ones Season's Greetings and a peaceful and happy New Year.

Freedom of Information: What will be the effect of the Rudd Government's Information Policy?

By Caroline Bush and Xuelin Teo.

There now appears to be considerable drive for reform of the FOI process at the Commonwealth level, say Caroline Bush and Xuelin Teo.

Keeping it to yourself: Australian Law Reform Commission review of Australian privacy laws

By Gina Elliott and Danielle Briers.

The wide-ranging changes to Australia's privacy laws proposed by the ALRC would have major implications for the public and private sectors , say Gina Elliott and Danielle Briers.

Victorian overhaul of FOI could make life easier for applicants - and agencies

By Sally Sheppard and Elsie Loh.

The Brumby Government's reforms of FOI laws are meant to make applications easier, but they also could ease the compliance burden for agencies, say Sally Sheppard and Elsie Loh.

The nature of confidential information - Have you got what you paid for?

By Jeremy Charlston and Clare Doneley.

Government entities can hold much confidential information - but what is it and when can you pass it on? Jeremy Charlston and Clare Doneley look for some answers in a recent case.

What to do when you receive a subpoena - when and how to hand over your agency's information

By Caroline Bush.

When do you have to produce your information and documents in response to a subpoena - and how? Who bears the costs of your compliance? Are there any grounds upon which you can refuse to produce your information or documents? Caroline Bush explains some practical steps you can take.

FYI - FOI case notes

By Alice Linacre.

Alice Linacre rounds up the latest in FOI.

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