Information Insights

27 July 2007

Welcome to the first edition of Clayton Utz Information Insights, in which we'll look at the unique issues affecting information-handling in the public sector. We hope you find this a useful guide to this increasingly complex area of administration and decision-making.

The public sector is generally aware of the privacy legislation, but are there other sources of law affecting how you handle information? In this edition we examine a recent court decision which adds another piece to the puzzle.

We’ll also consider contractor confidentiality in procurement, and some FOI issues, including how to handle a serial applicant and when to waive FOI fees.

Privacy protection in the courts: The Jane Doe case

By John Carroll and Gretchen Bennett.

John Carroll and Gretchen Bennett examine a recent case which provides a cautionary tale for all organisations and government agencies which publish personal information about individuals.

When does the public interest require FOI fees to be waived?

By Caroline Bush.

Although a media-specific case, the decision in Peatling has broader implications for Government agencies in terms of the way they consider applications for the waiver of fees and charges for FOI requests, says Caroline Bush.

The Commonwealth, contracts and confidentiality claims

By Alexandra Wedutenko and Catherine Whitby.

Can a contractor's information be protected from disclosure on the basis that it is confidential? Alexandra Wedutenko and Catherine Whitby look at the ways in which agency officials can manage claims for confidential treatment of information.

When will enough be enough in FOI?

By Catherine Petre .

Agencies dealing with FOI requests often must decide how many searches are enough and what level of resource commitment is too much - but what is enough? What is too much? Catherine Petre searches for some answers.

FOI case notes - FYI

By Caroline Bush and Alice Linacre.

Caroline Bush and Alice Linacre round up the latest in FOI.

Improving personal information privacy using the Privacy Impact Assessment Guide

By John Carroll and Catherine Petre .

Whether an agency has privacy practices in place, doesn’t usually deal with personal information or is planning a project involving large scale handling of personal information, it always pays to think about personal information privacy, as John Carroll and Catherine Petre show.

Australian Law Reform Commission review of Federal privacy law

The Discussion Paper is likely to provide analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of having separate privacy regimes for private sector organisations and public sector agencies.
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