Government Insights

01 April 2009

Welcome to the April edition of Government Insights, in which we'll look at the latest moves to protect Commonwealth whistleblowers. How far will the protection go? And when will we see the legislation?

We also look at a key recommendation of the Gershon Review, which could usher in a new world of ecologically sustainable government ICT procurement. What are the challenges to green government ICT?

We also look at:

  • the ALRC's review of Royal Commissions
  • Housing NSW's New Maintenance Services Contract; and
  • some lessons from the common law about the protection of rights.

Parliamentary committee recommends whistleblower legislation

By Michael Palfrey and James Stellios.

Michael Palfrey and James Stellios look at what protections might be extended to whistleblowers.

The greening of Gershon

By Alexandra Wedutenko and Lisa Keeling.

Australian Government ICT procurement and use will need to become ecologically sustainable following the Gershon report's recommendation. Alexandra Wedutenko and Lisa Keeling see what this could mean for agencies.

The ALRC review of Royal Commissions: Is reform on the horizon?

By Philip Harrison.

Philip Harrison asks whether the ALRC review into Royal Commissions could lead to a quicker, more flexible for of inquiry.

A journey in change management: Housing NSW's New Maintenance Services Contract

By Joanne Teagle.

Housing NSW's Maintenance Reform Program aims to fundamentally change the way maintenance services are delivered, and the Maintenance Services Contract is a key element. Jo Teagle explains what's new in this model.

Statutory protection of rights: lessons from the common law

By John Carroll and James Stellios.

John Carroll and James Stellios discuss the way that courts deal with rights issues in legislation, and how any future Commonwealth human rights charter will affect this.

Profile - Jo Teagle

Jo Teagle has recently been appointed Special Counsel in the Melbourne Construction and Major Projects team.

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