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  • Future of Financial Advice reforms survive Senate challenge - but more changes on the way

    The newly reformed FoFA Regulations will be retained following the failure of a disallowance motion in the Senate, but further changes are expected later this year.

    17 Jul 2014

  • Financial System Inquiry Interim Report released

    The Financial System Inquiry says the Australian financial system is operating effectively and not requiring broad systemic change, but does need a refresh to allow it to continue to meet future challenges.

    15 Jul 2014

  • Remedies for unauthorised use of a certification trade mark

    The power to award additional damages under the Trade Marks Act is aimed not at compensation but deterrence.

    02 Jul 2014

  • NSW Crown land - a field of opportunities

    Promising to derive greater economic, social and environmental outcomes from the use of Crown land, reforms may give interested parties more opportunity to compete for the use of Crown land, and could see existing users required to demonstrate the commercial or community value which they offer through their ongoing use, as Brendan Bateman and Eugene Tan explain.

    09 May 2014

  • Fit, but not fit enough

    Even if the terms of the contract or enterprise agreement stipulate a particular standard of health and safety, the overarching statutory framework may justify additional requirements for employees, as Michael Byrnes explains.

    01 May 2014

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