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Forbearance as part of a lender's toolkit, part 1
24 Jul 2014
Matthew Wilson, Peter Bowden and Alistair Fleming set out the basics to forbearance, an alternative to enforcement.
New contamination reporting requirements in NSW would change assessment and reporting thresholds
24 Jul 2014
Sites which previously did not trigger the duty to report under the Contaminated Land Management Act could do so under new draft Guidelines on the Duty to Report Contamination, say Nick Thomas, Claire Smith and Janelle Taylor.
Are your employees' LinkedIn connections your trade secrets?
24 Jul 2014
It's unclear if LinkedIn connections are trade secrets, but as Chris McLeod and James Neil show, employers can still take steps to ensure they don't walk out the door with ex-employees and into the arms of a competitor.
Doing Business in Australia: Business structures
24 Jul 2014
In this article taken from Clayton Utz's Doing Business in Australia, the essential guide for investors and business exploring commercial opportunities in Australia, we set out the basics of Australia's business structures.
Public Infrastructure: financing and bidding reforms?
24 Jul 2014
Bruce Cooper and Peter Staciwa examine the financing and bidding reforms come out of the Productivity Commission's report on infrastructure funding.
Financial System Inquiry Interim Report: Prepare now for future challenges
24 Jul 2014
Prudential regulation, globalisation and technology all affect Australian financial services – but are reforms needed to reflect this? Matthew Daley, Michelle Shraibman, and Mary Konstantopoulos set out the Financial System Inquiry's interim thoughts.
Carbon tax repeal - it's time to explain your prices!
24 Jul 2014
Businesses have to comply with new disclosure requirements as part of the carbon tax repeal, or face tough penalties, say Paul Burton and Dan Howard.
Landmark sexual harassment judgment opens the gate for significant compensation claims
24 Jul 2014
Anna Casellas and Jess Keogh say the Oracle case has highlighted a significant upward shift in compensation that may be awarded as a result of sexual harassment in the workplace.
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