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Amendments to Copyright Act will strengthen copyright holders' rights online
29 Jun 2015
Australia now has website blocking laws, but the final version contains some important changes to the version introduced into Parliament in March, which industry needs to understand.
Have your say on Queensland’s State Infrastructure Plan
25 Jun 2015
Kathryn Pacey and Nicole Besgrove pick through the detail in the "Delivering an infrastructure plan for Queensland directions paper", which outlines the Government’s approach to developing a State Infrastructure Plan.
Can OHS regulators compel production of board minutes and commercially sensitive information?
25 Jun 2015
Work health and safety regulators have broad, information-gathering coercive powers – so a lot of sensitive corporate information could fall within their purview. Stuart Pill and Amy Granger look at how far they go.
Redefining directors’ liability in the Northern Territory: environmental offences considered
25 Jun 2015
The Northern Territory is the latest jurisdiction to redefine directors’ liability for corporate offences, as part of a national push to a consistent, principles-based approach. Margaret Michaels and Nicole Besgrove explain how this will work in practice.
Leases of serial-numbered goods for less than 1 year won't be deemed security interests under PPSA
26 Jun 2015
Unless they are "in substance" security interests that secure payment or performance of an obligation, leases or bailments of serial numbered goods for a term of between 90 days and one year soon won't need to be registered on the Personal Property Securities Register, following the long-awaited passing of the Personal Property Securities Amendment (Deregulatory Measures) Bill 2014.
ACCC gears up for Mount Penny cartel case
25 Jun 2015
The ACCC's case against the Obeids over alleged domestic bid rigging conduct may yield some useful insights into how the courts will apply the law of accessorial liability, as Mihkel Wilding and Doug Thompson explain.
The statutory demand minefield: lessons from recent set aside applications
25 Jun 2015
Despite what appears to be a fairly straightforward legislative regime, creditors' statutory demands appear to generate an entirely disproportionate volume of litigation in the courts. Svetlana Zarucki looks at three recent lessons from the courts.
Trade promotion lotteries: permits no longer required for Victoria
25 Jun 2015
Permits are no longer required to conduct trade promotion lotteries in Victoria, but Sharon Segal warns that businesses must still comply with mandatory conditions.
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