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High Court of Australia goes cold on patentability of isolated nucleic acid
08 Oct 2015
In a highly anticipated decision, the High Court of Australia has unanimously determined that an isolated nucleic acid (coding for mutations in the BRCA1 gene, associated with breast and ovarian cancers) does not qualify as proper subject matter for patent protection, overturning previous decisions of the Federal Court of Australia (D'Arcy v Myriad Genetics Inc [2015] HCA 35).
Social media and bullying in the workplace: To friend or not to friend, that is the question!
01 Oct 2015
A recent decision of the Fair Work Commission is widely reported to have found that deleting a colleague on Facebook will constitute bullying under federal workplace relations legislation, but is that correct? Don't believe the hype, say Michael Byrnes and Jacqui Ellis.
New enforceable undertakings regime for Queensland
01 Oct 2015
Kathryn Pacey and Sam Higgs explain how Queensland's new enforceable undertakings regime as an alternative to prosecution for environmental offences will work.
Expert determinations: final and binding?
01 Oct 2015
Even if a contract states that an expert's determination will be final and binding, that determination will be open to review if it has not been made in accordance with the contract, as Katherine Mallik and Charlotte Gordon explain.
CU LAB: THE REAL DEAL: Half-year update 2015
07 Oct 2015
Karen Evans-Cullen takes a close look at Australian public M&A activity over the first half of the financial year.
Am I really a bully?
01 Oct 2015
With the rise in bullying claims and the new anti-bullying jurisdiction of the Fair Work Commission, more than ever managers and supervisors must answer that age-old question "Am I really a bully?". Jennifer Wyborn and Lauren Haywood set out some of the behaviours that have led to employees bringing anti-bullying applications in the Commission so you can answer that question more confidently.
New ACT regulations for exemption of minor development on heritage properties
01 Oct 2015
It will be easier in the ACT to do minor developments which are of no significance to a heritage property's existing heritage values, say Nicole Besgrove and Claire Smith.
Full Court considers racial discrimination in the workplace
01 Oct 2015
Rob Humphreys and Jennifer Wyborn look at a case involving inappropriate workplace remarks about lollies and cheese, which has caused the Full Federal Court to examine the proper application of key sections of the Racial Discrimination Act 1975.
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