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Insurers can't opt out of class action on insureds' behalf, says court
27 Aug 2015
A court has ruled that, unless there is an express contractual right to do so, an insurer which has paid part of an insured's loss does not have authority to conduct and control the insured's right to recover their entire loss, both insured and uninsured.
Copycat building is copyright infringement, says court
25 Aug 2015
The court has ordered a home-owner to strip out architectural features after finding the house was an infringement of copyright.
WA's proposed framework for unsolicited proposals
20 Aug 2015
A new unsolicited proposals framework is on the way, and Simon Taskunas and Laura Clarke say this will benefit developers and investors who want to engage the WA Government with innovative ideas.
Briefing note: New foreign investment regime introduced into Parliament
20 Aug 2015
Get a detailed analysis of the substantial changes proposed for Australia's foreign investment regime.
Injunctive relief and concurrent patent applications: do they overlap?
26 Aug 2015
The legal principles concerning the grant or refusal of a patent are not co-extensive with those of breach of confidence or fiduciary duty.
Drug testing both saliva and urine can be OK, says Full Bench of the Fair Work Commission
25 Aug 2015
For the first time, the Full Bench of the Fair Work Commission has endorsed an employer's right to enforce a drug testing regime that incorporates both random saliva and urine testing, in an important decision which gives employers more scope to manage safety risks in the workplace.
New foreign investment regime introduced into Parliament
20 Aug 2015
The Foreign Acquisitions and Takeovers Legislation Amendment Bill 2015 and its associated legislation were introduced into Parliament today.
Common funds not so common in Australian class actions - yet
20 Aug 2015
Litigation funders have failed again in their attempts to get a common fund order, but as Colin Loveday, Ross McInnes, Alexandra Kennedy-Breit and Robert Turnbull argue, they will continue to seek them, and it is not impossible that they will eventually succeed.
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