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  • FOFA mandatory compliance has commenced

    Samantha Carroll talks to BRR Media about the challenges in FOFA implementation

    17 Jul 2013

  • High Court decides Barclay adverse action case

    Adverse action under the Fair Work Act is one of the most complicated day-to-day issues for employers. Dan Trindade talks to BRR Media about the long-awaited Barclay decision hot off the bench: what did the Court decide, and how will it affect your business?

    07 Sep 2012

  • New NTA test for CFD and FX dealers

    ASIC's new financial requirements for issuers of retail OTC derivatives significantly raise the bar for them, and could push some players out of the market all together. Louise McCoach and Matthew Daley run through what the new rules are, and their likely effect on the industry, before going through the to-do list to prepare for the first 31 January 2013 deadline.

    13 Aug 2012

  • ASIC targeting misleading ads, credit providers beware

    ASIC's consultation paper on financial advertising provides regulatory guidance to help credit providers comply with their advertising obligations. Steven Klimt talks about some recent examples of financial advertising that have been targeted by ASIC and provides some helpful compliance hints.

    21 Jun 2012

  • Fast-track fix for two strikes proxy error

    Legislative amendments have been fast-tracked into parliament to fix a drafting error relating to the voting of undirected proxies at AGMs, which have been keenly expected in the context of the new "two-strikes" rule on executive remuneration. Will the fix make any difference to the upcoming November AGM season? Andrew Hay examines the change and what effect it will have.

    05 Jun 2012

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