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International Arbitration Lecture 2013

About the Lecture

The annual International Arbitration lecture, presented by Clayton Utz and supported by the University of Sydney, brings together key figures in international arbitration and the Australian business community to explore the real issues that could affect their international operations, and how international dispute resolution can contribute to their bottom line.

This year marks the 13th anniversary of the International Arbitration Lecture series, which continues to attract guest speakers from the four corners of the world to give their insights into the challenges facing international arbitration.

We will again offer the lecture via live streaming to invitees across the globe.

2014: “Commercial Courts and International Arbitration– Competitors or Partners?” by Michael Hwang SC

In most countries with developed arbitration laws, the concept of partnership is typically expressed by pronouncements from the Courts that their role in acting as the supervisory court of any arbitration is to be “arbitration-friendly”. On the other hand, there still remain jurisdictions where Courts insist on reserving to themselves certain overriding powers (eg. UAE and India).

Partnership versus competition has become a topic of speculation after the announcement by the Supreme Court of Singapore of the forthcoming establishment of the Singapore International Commercial Court (“SICC”).

This lecture will discuss:

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