Community Partnerships

From three community partners in 2003, we have now developed relationships with over 25 community organisations across the country. The strength of our program reflects the amazing dedication of the community partners with which we work.

The Clayton Utz Foundation provides funding to our community partners, and through our pro bono program, we also often provide pro bono legal services.

In response to the needs of these community partners, our partners and employees have also shown their commitment in a number of ways through Community Connect: by volunteering their time and participating in a range of programs that our community partners deliver, co-ordinating in-kind support, contributing to goods drives across the country and giving generously to fundraising events.

Daystar Foundation and The Wayside Chapel are two of the many organisations we are proud to call our community partners.

Daystar Foundation

Daystar is a community-based organisation with strong links to the Macarthur district in South West Sydney, which the NSW Government has identified as having critical educational needs. Daystar provides a number of in-school programs which become part of the school's curriculum, each one designed to engage young people with their education, encourage them to stay at school longer and ultimately increase their life opportunities. Daystar's Corporate & Community Partnerships Manager Kerrie Bristow talks about the work of The Daystar Foundation

Clayton Utz's involvement with Daystar is focused on the Literacy Buddies program, with over 200 Clayton Utz Sydney employees exchanging letters each month with their student buddy. Employees act as corporate mentors, through the writing of letters and an end-of-year party, and engage them in a creative and meaningful program aimed at enhancing their literacy skills. You can learn more by listening to special counsel Jason Shailer talk about his experience with the Daystar Foundation Literacy Buddies Program.

Regular grants from the Clayton Utz Foundation provide funding to operate Daystar's Literacy Buddies Program.  We also provide Daystar with pro bono legal assistance, volunteers to assist with the Breakfast Club program and other forms of support as needs arise.

The Wayside Chapel

Each year, thousands of people visit The Wayside Chapel in Kings Cross Sydney for assistance in gaining equitable access to essential health, welfare and related services, including meals, counselling and clothing. For younger visitors, Wayside Youth is a drop-in centre and outreach service dedicated to people 25 and under. You can learn more by listening to Wayside's Corporate Educator Marcus Ross talk about the work of The Wayside Chapel.

Clayton Utz supports The Wayside Chapel by providing volunteers and in-kind support, including hosting meetings and organising clothing donation drives. In addition, we have also identified other valuable ways for our people to contribute their time and expertise, including a volunteer board member and a volunteer member of the Project Control Group, established to oversee the redevelopment of The Wayside Chapel. The Wayside Chapel is also a pro bono client of the firm. 

The Clayton Utz Foundation provides financial support to Wayside's "The Aboriginal Project" through the employment of an Aboriginal project officer. The Project aims to engage and support Aboriginal visitors to Wayside through a program of activities, case management and the creation of a specific safe space. This support is consistent with our commitment under our Reconciliation Action Plan.

This year we celebrate 10 years of the Clayton Utz Foundation and Community Connect.Learn more about the contribution we are making to the communities in which we live and work.

Who to Contact
Daina Richmond

Daina Richmond

National Director - Community Connect

Level 18, 333 Collins Street Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia


Telephone: +61 3 9286 6782

Fax: +61 3 9629 8488

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10 years of the Clayton Utz Foundation

This year we celebrate 10 years of the Clayton Utz Foundation and Community Connect. Learn more about the contribution we are making to the communities in which we live and work.